A pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection of a condominium is just as important as inspecting a home.  A condominium has the same structural elements and mechanical systems as a house, and requires the same degree of professional inspection.  Bob Mulloy, a top home inspector, has found numerous problems during condo inspections that were not disclosed to a potential buyer.


Don’t be fooled by a statement that the exterior of the building is a “common area,” and is the financial responsibility of the association.  Maintenance and repair of the exterior grounds, grading, walks, decks, siding, roofs, etc. is generally a common area obligation that will be specifically itemized in the condo “doc.”  However, exterior problems will influence condominium fees and special assessments that will affect your budget.  You should ask if there are any upcoming capital expenditures, whether or not the association has sufficient reserves, whether of not there will be any special assessments and if the condo association has a master plan and time-table.


Typical common area problems that affect an owner’s condominium include:



As you can see by reading the above list, the inspection of the common areas is important because problems can directly and indirectly affect the condominium you are purchasing.  Bob Mulloy, a licensed MA home inspector, will examine the building's exterior and interior, including structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, which are visible on the date of the inspection, and will inform a client of significant problems for consideration.  Bob encourages each client to attend the inspection so that he can explain what each component is, how the systems work, how to maintain things and to answer questions.


A professional narrative report including graphic illustrations and color photographs will be personally prepared by Bob Mulloy, and will be available by email that same evening.  A bound hard copy will be priority mailed the next business day, and follow-up questions are welcomed.  Knowing that your new condominium has been professionally inspected will give you peace of mind.


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